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Serve for you with all sincerity

If customers have problems when using our machine, we can supply those serves

1.Technical consultation

If you have problems when using our machine, please read the Instructions first if can"t resolve it just call the after-sale service department. If you need door to door, according to the appointment time, we will be on time for your maintenance products, after the maintenance please sign the document of maintenance and precious opinions were put forward.

2. Free repair

If according to the instruction manual for normal use, malfunctions during the warranty period, the after-sale service department to provide you with maintenance or repairs.

3. No free repair

★ Because use or an improper safekeeping, can't normal use

★ Not according to the product manual to install this product, or cause damage to remove the internal parts

★ Warranty does not comply with the conditions of free maintenance

★ Because natural disasters caused by force majeure damage

Charging standard:

Maintenance warranty beyond the range of the products, we will charge you for

replacement parts, if you need door to door serve, you need pay for the door to

door service charge

4.Supply components

If you need to buy the components just contacts with us ,and also please let us know the name, specification and number of the components .When we got the payment we will post it as soon as possible .

※ In order to ensure that you can get good service, please take good care of invoice receipt and if you have lost will no longer to fill.

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